Time Tracking

Tracking time with SmartBiller is easy. Just start a timer, pause and resume when needed. Create multiple timers throughout the day and switch between them as you change what you are doing.  Enter as much or as little information to describe what you are doing as is appropriate. Close timers at the end of the day or as you go. 

Time can be tracked in the office or on the go with a handy web-based app, which even works offline!

  • Cross platform: web browser, mobile phone or desktop
  • Works offline
  • No installation required
SmartBiller on iPhone and Mac

Powerful Reporting

Analyse time with flexible and powerful reporting tool. Bulk-update time entries. Export to Excel, Word or PDF.

Project Management

Create jobs what are linked to a client, provide time estimates and track the progress of each job. 

Check and approve time entries. 

Create custom security roles to give your team access that makes most sense, removing or restricting features that are not needed or should not be used.

Highly Customisable

Each customer is different. That's why we've created SmartBiller with customisation in mind. 

Change terminology used in SmartBiller to match your company's. 

Add custom fields to existing entities such as clients, project, cost centres.

Record more information with time entries by using up to five custom fields. 

Create flexible pricing plans for your customers to automatically have all time entries changed at correct rate. 


Works great for solo contractors with handful of clients/project as well as for larger companies with dozens of staff and hundreds of clients/projects.

Fast Invoicing

Invoicing with SmartBiller is easy. Summarise time on the invoice by using different grouping options, add extra lines if required. 

Print, email or send invoice directly to Xero.